Doing Business with Columbia

At Columbia, we recognize the vital role our suppliers play in helping us meet the needs and expectations of our many stakeholders. We rely on our suppliers to deliver the level of quality, service, value, efficiency, integrity, and innovation that we ourselves strive to provide to our tenants, investors, partners, employees, and communities. Therefore, we seek to build and maintain a diverse, competitive, and highly capable network of suppliers in and across the regions in which we operate.

Our supplier selection process is stringent and helps us identify and build relationships with suppliers that meet our needs and expectations, align with our goals, and share our values. We actively manage our suppliers and monitor their ongoing performance to promote and build the best possible relationship between our organizations. We also seek to work with suppliers from a diverse range of backgrounds, in order to drive innovation and create a more resilient supplier network for Columbia.

We are committed to holding ourselves and our supplier community to the highest standards of business conduct and integrity, and we expect all suppliers with whom we engage to operate in accordance with our Vendor Code of Conduct

Prospective Vendor Registration

If your company is interested in doing business with Columbia, we invite you to begin engaging with us by completing the registration form below.



Prospective Supplier Registration Form

We will review your submission and, if you qualify for consideration as a supplier with Columbia, we will reach out to invite you to submit a proposal if/when there are relevant opportunities. Submissions to supply products or services not currently sought will be maintained for future consideration. Note that submission of the Prospective Supplier Registration Form is for informational purposes and any confidential information submitted will be for Columbia’s internal use only. It is not a guarantee of business and does not ensure “Approved” vendor status.


FAQs for Prospective Suppliers

  • For what scope of services is Columbia seeking potential new suppliers?
    Columbia continually seeks to maintain a roster of diverse, competent, and competitive suppliers across our platform. Therefore, we invite prospective suppliers to register with us for work within all of the following areas:
    • Construction and Development
    • Building Services (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, security, janitorial, etc.)
    • Corporate Operations
    • Asset Management/Leasing
  • I submitted my prospective supplier form to Columbia, but I have not heard back regarding opportunities. What should I do next?
    Submission of the Prospective Supplier Registration Form is not a guarantee of business with Columbia. Please keep in mind that there may not currently be a need for your products/services or we may be under contract with another supplier at present. Columbia will maintain the information you submit to determine qualification for future consideration and reach out to you if and when relevant opportunities become available.
  • How do I register as a supplier with Columbia?
    All suppliers are asked to complete the Prospective Supplier Registration Form available on our website.
  • If I encounter a problem during registration, whom should I contact?
    If you encounter a problem or question during the registration process on the SupplierGATEWAY platform, please reach out to SupplierGATEWAY for technical assistance - their support team is most qualified and able to quickly answer questions or rectify any technical issues. If they are unable to resolve the issue or you have a more general question, please feel free to reach out to your direct Columbia contact or
  • My company qualifies as a diverse supplier – how do I register as a diverse supplier with Columbia?
    All suppliers, including diverse suppliers, are asked to complete the Prospective Supplier Registration Form available on our website. For more information on our Supplier Diversity Program, please visit our Supplier Inclusion page.