Our Goals for Supplier Diversity and Inclusion


We understand that fostering mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers from a diverse range of backgrounds will drive innovation and create a more resilient supplier network for Columbia, making it a crucial aspect of delivering unparalleled service to our tenants and top performance for our investors, partners and other stakeholders. As an organization, we have committed to cultivating a diverse base of supplier relationships and to partnering with companies that share our commitment to DEI in their business operations.


Eligibility for Diverse Suppliers

Please refer to our Supplier Diversity Program Guide for our accepted definitions. 

If you are eligible and interested in joining our network of diverse suppliers, please register with Columbia on SupplierGATEWAY, accessible via the link below. Please note you may be asked to provide a current PDF copy of your diverse business certification from a recognized agency and/or attestation of your company’s diverse qualification ready when you register.



FAQs for Diverse Suppliers

  • What is a diverse supplier? 
    A diverse supplier is defined as a U.S. privately held company that is 51% owned and operated by a person who is Minority (Black, Hispanic, Native-American, Native Alaskan, or Asian/Pacific Islander), a Woman, an LGBTQIA+ Person, a Veteran/Disabled Veteran, or a Person with a Disability.

    Columbia recognizes and tracks the following diverse classifications:
    African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Native Alaskans, LGBTQIA+ People, Women, Veterans, Disabled Veterans, and People with Disabilities.
  • How do I register as a diverse supplier with Columbia?
    All suppliers, including diverse suppliers, are asked to register with Columbia Property Trust SupplierGateway, via the link available on our website.

    To be recognized as a Diverse Supplier with Columbia, diverse suppliers should be prepared to provide a copy of their applicable diverse supplier certification when registering, or a signed letter from the highest executive in the company, attesting that the company meets the following qualifications:
    • The business is legally organized.
    • The business is established as a full-time profit-making entity.
    • The business is at minimum, 51% owned by a person who is Minority (Black, Hispanic, Native-American, Native Alaskan, or Asian/Pacific Islander), a Woman, an LGBTQIA+ Person, a Veteran/Disabled Veteran, or a Person with a Disability.
    • The diverse group member(s) is legally allowed to work in the United States.
    • The diverse group member(s)’ ownership interest in the business is real, substantial and continuous.
    • Daily control and guidance of the business is managed and operated by a member(s) of a diverse group.

      Registering in Columbia Property Trust SupplierGATEWAY does not guarantee procurement transactions, but we will use your profile to better understand your capabilities as future needs arise.
  • What are the certification agencies recognized by Columbia?
    The certification agencies recognized by Columbia are listed in our Supplier Diversity Program Guide
  • Why does Columbia have a Supplier Diversity Program?
    Columbia’s Supplier Diversity Program was created to enable diverse-owned businesses to have access to, and compete for, procurement opportunities that will meet Columbia’s operational needs. These opportunities, in turn, provide resources to diverse suppliers that can enable them to positively influence economic activity in our communities. Through this mutually beneficial engagement, we will work with diverse suppliers to support our own agility and innovativeness in responding to the needs of our tenants and providing value to our investors and partners.
  • Does Columbia guarantee business for diverse suppliers?
    No, Columbia does not guarantee business to any supplier. We are committed to providing diverse enterprises an opportunity to compete on a fair and equal basis for our business.